Lately I have been wanting to sit down and write a lovely long lyrical post. These days I feel as though I have been popping in here and dashing off a quick note then rushing off again. Even now, I can feel deadlines looming, work is waiting, hurry, hurry, have to get THAT done, don’t forget THIS, and what about THOSE? Realistically, there will always be things to be done and it is just a matter of carving out time and making a doable schedule and prioritizing. Right? Right.

This is a beach on the Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia. If you look closely, those tiny specks of black in the middle of the water under the clouds are people! They are standing on a sand bar. It had been stormy and had rained all that day. I remember the sun popped out just after supper and created a most magical seascape. I want to get out and explore my province this summer. So often I take it for granted living here. It is a gorgeous place.

Tom Selleck’s chest hair chair.

Your Time in the Gym; Waste not, want not!