Calypso Minerals disaster!

I don’t know whether you have ever heard of this company or shopped with them before, but I have had a really bad experience with them. I have been very patient and gave the owner lots of time to make it right, but it only got worse, so I’m telling the story.

As you probably have known, I love mineral makeup, and Calypso Minerals has been a brand that got quite good reviews. So I placed an order July 21, 2009 for a duochrome stack, and…

After more than a month waiting, I tried different ways to contact Jen to check on my order. All she said was she would check.

September 2, I followed up. Jen asked for my paypal email address (which meant she hadn’t checked anything since last time I asked). She offered either resend a new package or refund me. I asked for a refund.

September 7, Jen found the paypal payment notice and emailed me to ask what I had ordered. Obviously the order had never been processed (and therefore nothing had been shipped out). I asked for a refund but she said she had gone ahead and shipped my package already.

October 1, I received a package, except it was a rainbow stack (plus a few freebies) instead of the duochrome stack that I ordered. I contacted Jen again.

October 5, she said she shipped out the replacement and I could keep the rainbow stack.

October 27, still nothing. I asked her again.

November 2 and 3, followed up, again.

November 4, Jen DM’ed me. She said she closed the order because she got the delivery confirmation and forgot that I received the wrong item. She said she would send a package out the next day PLUS a refund. I said I don’t need any package anymore, just wanted my money back. She said she wanted to make it up to me.

January 3, 2010, back home from vacation. Was hoping the package arrived while I was away, but nothing. Seeing Jen’s tweeter account hasn’t been active since November, I emailed her and got an auto reply saying someone would get back to me shortly and never heard anything else.

January 14, vintageortacky posted a video. And reading the comments, I realized that I am not the only victim of this company and I would probably never see my money back 🙁

Found a few victims on tweeter and they suggested to file with paypal for a refund. I tried, but paypal said it cannot solve this claim (without stating the reason), so I don’t know what else to do. Even her website is down, so the business is going AWOL.

January 17, Jen postd a short message on her blog saying she’d be accomodating people who haven’t received their stuff. I don’t want anymore stuff, I just want my money back and to be done with this.

Does any of you know how paypal deals with claims? Is there a time limit when I can file for a refund as obviously it didn’t let me do this now. I don’t know what else to do. It might not be a large amount of money, but it’s my hard earned money and I hate to see my faith in small makeup business going down hill, because of this painful experience.

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