Calypso Minerals – Update

Thanks so much for your comments on my post about Calypso Minerals. You certainly opened my eyes in how to deal with this kind of issue.

I tried BBB, but their database can’t find Calypso Minerals business name. I don’t have her address to try the option of looking for the business by address. Does any of you happen to have her address?

Paypal dispute period is 45 days after payment, so I’m way too late. I did accelerate the dispute to claim, but they refused to look into the matter, as it was too late. I let this issue going on for too long, as I was still hoping in people’s goodwill to do the right thing to me. Too naive?

My credit card company can’t help me either, as they said they could only look into the matter within 30 days of the statement. How come I never knew that?

So I honestly ran out of options to get my $48 back, unless by a miracle, Jen actually does what she promised on her blog and refunds me the money. I don’t know how badly this experience would affect my habit of buying makeup online from now on, and more than that, my faith in businesses’ honesty and good practice. For this reason, maybe Shoppers and Sally would be getting more of my money 🙂

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