Camped out at Campo

One of my favorite things to do in Manhattan is to tag along with my sister to see how NYers – or the adopted ones at least – live. One of Angela’s usual Monday night activities is to visit a resto in her hood on the Upper West Side. The attraction here? On Monday night, Campo’s Happy Hour serves 1/2 price bottles of wine! When we arrived at Campo, a group of her fellow musicians had already settled down to a table and some drinks, so we quickly did the same.

As we quickly glanced over the menu of libations, I posed the question that has since changed the Monday night Campo routine: “Does the 1/2 bottle special include sparkling wine?” The answer? YES. And so, the night began, with drinks all around, most of them with fizz!

Whenever I have sparkling wine, or Champagne, I always crave a little salt, so Angela put in an order for one of her favorites; Truffled Parmesan Fries. Now to me, fries and sparkling wine is always a little decadent- mixing an everyday favorite, with something a little special. But theses fries upped the indulgence factor with a sprinkling of nutty ParmegianoReggiano and earthy truffle oil.
Truffled Parmesan Fries

As the group was a table of classical musicians, the talk centered around music. As a former music student myself, I appreciated the conversation and the ability to talk to people who were so passionate about their craft, as I am about food. This was a great night, and with our discovery of 1/2-priced sparkling wine, the evening started and ended with a sparkling ‘note’!

Mooseheads Blow Third Period Lead

Jesus’ good luck nose.