Can the Slot Machines Become a Source of Income?

Professional gamblers. These are players who earn their living winning sports bets and
casino games. They spend their time at the land-based casino or playing at Canada casino
such as Ice Casino. To reduce the house edge and improve their chances of winning,
many pro gamblers tend to use advantage play. It involves spotting the structural weakness
of a casino game and exploiting it to the fullest.
But it’s not usually the case for slot machines, which are programmed to pay out randomly.
In order to improve your chances of winning playing slot machine games, you need to have
an understanding of how these games work. You must also know the best games to play to
improve your chances of winning.
Let’s have a look at the different aspects of a slot machine game you need to know before
playing them and the best games to play if you want to win playing slot machines.
Random Number Generator
Abbreviated as an RNG, the Random Number Generator is an algorithm that randomly
produces hundreds of thousands of numbers per second. These numbers correspond to the
game’s outcome and are responsible for determining the reels’ final resting position. Every
sequence of these numbers is unpredictable, making it hard for you to correctly predict the
outcome of a slot machine.
Hit Frequency
The hit frequency of a slot machine refers to the number of times the slot machine pays out.
A slot game with a hit frequency of 2% means it pays out 2 out of 10 spins. The higher the
hit frequency of a slot game, the better your chances of winning in the game.
A slot machine’s volatility is the game’s entire mathematics engine. It directly affects crucial
factors such as the hit frequency, weighting of prizes (for gaming cabinets), and payout
range. It is a measure of your chances of winning over a certain period of time.
Don’t mistake the volatility of a slot machine with the RTP. While the RTP calculates the
expected Return to Player over several million spins, the volatility is a short-term pointer to
the frequency of winning.
With that said, the volatility of a slot machine doesn’t help you establish your chances of
scoring a profit over time. Instead, it shows how often you will land a winning combination or
trigger a bonus round.
Return To Player Percentage
Abbreviated as the RTP of a slot machine, this is the theoretical expected return of a slot
machine based on hundreds of millions of spins. It is the reverse of the house edge and is
usually expressed as a percentage. A slot machine with a 95% RTP will pay out $0.95 for
every $1 wagered.
How to Win in Slot Machines

So, having known the basics of slot machines, how do you improve your chances of winning
while playing them? What is the best play if you are to increase your winning chances?
These are the factors to consider.
The Volatility
Which type of slot volatility is the best for you? The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all
answer to this question. You’ve probably read that playing low volatility slots over the high
volatility ones is the best way to go. Others recommend the opposite.
Slots with high volatility may present you with fewer winning combinations. However, they
can rack up significant payout in the long run when they do pay out. And the few times they
pay out, you’ll realize they pay out more significantly than the low volatile slots.
If you look at Play’n Go’s Reactoonz slot, it offers fewer wins during in-play. But when you
land the right winning combination, you can score up to 100,000x your bet.
As for NetEnt’s Starburst slot, a low volatile slot, the wins are frequent, but the payouts are
usually very low. It has a maximum payout of 500x your bet.
While it’s essential to consider the slot’s volatility, bankroll is also a crucial factor to consider.
If you can afford to bankroll the high volatile game, go for it. If your bankroll only fits a low
volatile slot, then stick to it. At the end of the day, you need to ensure you can sustain at
least 20 successive losses.
The RTP Also Matters A Lot
Although the RTP of a slot machine is based on millions of spins, which can be 50-100
thousand spins, it’s strongly recommended you pick a game that has an RTP above 96%.
But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll win an average of $9.6 for every $10. What it
means is that the slot machine you’ve chosen is among those that are categorized
theoretically as “more generous.”
Have a Proper Bankroll Management Plan
The bankroll means the amount you have to spend while playing the slot game. While
picking a slot game, you need to keep an eye on two crucial aspects; the duration you look
to play and the amount you have to spend. Ensure your budget is in a way that you can
sustain up to twenty losses without winning. And while doing it, budget using the money you
can afford to lose.

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