Can you see the sun?

With the sunny days of summer upon us, the Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services would like to remind motorists of some safety considerations regarding the windows in your vehicle.

Section 2 of the Nova Scotia Vehicle Equipment Regulations states: the critical vision area of a motor vehicle (that area of a windshield swept by the windshield wiper blades) as well as the windows to the right and left of the driver, must not impair the driver’s vision. This includes tints, sprays, coatings as well as shattered, cracked or broken glass.

“Dark tinted windows are dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and police officers,” states Sgt. Brian Herrick of the NS RCMP Traffic Services. “If a window is tinted, drivers cannot make eye contact with pedestrians or other drivers when needed. This also poses a danger for police officers who need to be able to see the driver and occupants of a vehicle as well as any unusual behaviors.”

Any driver operating a vehicle with tinted windows may receive a fine of $225.21. The Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services urges all motorists to do their part to keep Nova Scotia roadways safe.


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