Canada Post suspends mail service in Nova Scotia in wake of floods

In the wake of severe flooding wreaking havoc across Nova Scotia, Canada Post has taken a significant step to ensure the safety of its employees and residents in the affected regions. The postal service giant announced on July 24, 2023, that it has suspended all mail services in the province until further notice.

The decision comes as the relentless floods have caused extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, and roadways, making it unsafe for postal workers to navigate through certain areas. By putting collection and delivery operations on hold, Canada Post aims to prioritize the well-being of its workforce and prevent any further disruptions in the hard-hit regions.

As a result of the suspension, post offices across Nova Scotia have been closed, and residents should brace for potential delays in their mail services. Canada Post is closely monitoring the situation and vows to provide updates as the flood situation evolves.

Efforts are already underway to assess safe areas for mail delivery, and the company is committed to resuming services promptly while maintaining the utmost focus on employee and customer safety. The postal service urges residents to be patient and understanding during this challenging period.

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