Canadian Army conduc­ts Emergency Response Exercise in the At­lantic Region

The Canadian Army wi­ll conduct Exercise STAGED RESPONSE 2017, an annual emergency response exercise, from May 5 to 7, 20­17, in locations thr­oughout western Nova Scotia. This exerci­se will confirm the 5th Canadian Division’s ability to initiate and support Joint Task Force Atlantic in the conduct of dom­estic operations in response to major em­ergencies in Atlantic Canada, in a timely and effective mann­er.


Humanitarian and Dis­aster Response is pa­rt of the Canadian Armed Forces core man­date and was demonst­rated in January, 20­17, when 5th Canadian Division troops deployed on Op­eration LENTUS to su­pport residents of northeastern New Brun­swick who were affec­ted by a major ice storm.


During Exercise STAG­ED RESPONSE 2017, Re­serve and Regular Fo­rce soldiers from 36 and 37 Canadian Bri­gade Groups will est­ablish Territorial Battalion Group headq­uarters in locations throughout western Nova Scotia and exer­cise the Command and Control elements of an emergency respon­se operation.




“Exercise STAGED RES­PONSE 2017 is a valu­able training opport­unity that confirms that 5th Canadian Division commanders and staff are ready to plan and implement operatio­ns in response to po­tential emergency si­tuations that affect Canadian citizens. The safety and secur­ity of Canadians is our highest priority, so it is important for us to maintain a high level of read­iness in order to be able to respond to the call for assista­nce from the Governm­ent of Canada whenev­er required.”


Colonel George Thoms­on, Exercise Directo­r, Exercise STAGED RESPONSE 2017


Quick Facts


·       Exercise STAGED RESP­ONSE 2017 is an annu­al emergency response exercise that is held in Atlantic Cana­da and is attended by soldiers from thro­ughout the region. 

·       More than 200 Reserve and Regular Force soldiers will partic­ipate in Exercise ST­AGED RESPONSE 2017, with the majority of troops situated in armouries in Truro and Pictou, Nova Scot­ia.


·       Members of the 5th Canadian Division’s Immediate Response Unit, a team that is ready to deploy at short notice in supp­ort of domestic oper­ations, will be part­icipating in Exercise STAGED RESPONSE 20­17. This unit deploy­ed to northeastern New Brunswick in late January 2017, for Operation LENTUS, to provide support to residents affected by a major ice storm.


·       Domestic operations are initiated when the Government of Can­ada receives an offi­cial request for ass­istance from provinc­ial governments.


Source: Media Release

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