Canadian books to watch for in early 2013 pt.1

It’s not quite spring, but it seems wrong to call it winter, but the first half of 2013 has a lot of great Canadian reading to catch your attention. Here’s a few.
Canadian books to watch for in early 2013 pt.1 Born Weird (M) by Andrew Kaufman (December 26). Nobody did this book any favours with its release date: too late for “notable books of 2012” lists, too early for “ones to watch in 2013” lists, I’m including it here even though technically I shouldn’t. I’m a big fan of Kaufman’s other books All My Friends are Superheros and The Waterproof Bible and it’s a delight to find a Canadian literary author who is funny rather than bleak. In his past books, Kaufman has shown an engaging style, an eye for the absurd and a penchant for fantastical plot points (but think superpowers–not dragons or vampires)—this book seems to be no exception.
“The Weirds have always been a little off, but not one of them ever suspected that they’d been cursed by their grandmother. At the moment of the births of her five grandchildren Annie Weird gave each one a special power. Richard, the oldest, always keeps safe; Abba always has hope; Lucy is never lost and Kent can beat anyone in a fight. As for Angie, she always forgives, instantly. But over the years these so-called blessings ended up ruining their lives. Now Annie is dying and she has one last task for Angie: gather her far-flung brothers and sisters and assemble them in her grandmother’s hospital room so that at the moment of her death, she can lift these blessings-turned-curses. And Angie has just two weeks to do it.”

Canadian books to watch for in early 2013 pt.1 Scottish Banker of Surabaya (M) by Ian Hamilton (February 16): I’ve been watching the Ava Lee mystery series for a little while now, a good Canadian series for fans of page turning thrillers with strong female leads. Ava Lee is a forensic accountant and her work brings her in contact with the underworld of money laundering and organized crime.
In the latest “Ava begins an investigation into what she thinks is a Ponzi scheme. The trail leads her to a bank in Indonesia that is run by a Scot, but in actuality is a front for an elaborate money-laundering operation for Italian mobsters. The relationship between Ava and the Scotsman turns nasty and personal…”
Canadian books to watch for in early 2013 pt.1 Demonologist (M) by Andrew Pyper (March 5): Andrew Pyper is another author for those who like some thrills in their reads, although his books tend to take a darker turn than Hamilton’s. The publisher calls his latest a “spellbinding literary horror story in which a Columbia professor must use his knowledge of demonic mythology to rescue his daughter from the Underworld” and the National Post said “Pyper crafts compulsively readable and finely written thrillers. . . . This book is going to be the ‘Gangnam Style’ of 2013.” While that quote is probably good for search engine optimization, it’ll be up to readers to determine if the prediction comes true.
Canadian books to watch for in early 2013 pt.1 In Calamity’s Wake (M) by Natalee Caple (March 19): After the success of The Sisters Brothers, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see more Canadian authors turning to the Wild West as a source of inspiration. This one has a very different tone, but I’m intrigued by its focus: Calamity Jane.
Set in the badlands of the North American west in the late 1800s, In Calamity’s Wake tells the story of orphaned Miette’s quest to find her mother, the notorious Calamity Jane. Miette is reluctant to meet the woman who abandoned her—whom she knows only as an infamous soldier, drinker and exhibition shooter—but she sets out nonetheless across a landscape peopled with madwomen, thieves, minstrels and ghosts, many of whom add a thread to the story of her famous mother. Interspersed with Miette’s story are the stories of Jane as told in legend, history books, dime store novels and by the woman herself. As Miette makes her way to Deadwood, South Dakota, history and myth collide to create a picture of a remarkable woman who shattered the expectations of her time, and a daughter who must confront the truth of her past.”

While I was writing this CanLit post, I was listening to this new Canadian CD from the library’s music collection: Animator (M) by The Luyas.


family vacations: it’s really (mostly) about the kids right? new kids first program by thomas cook = fun for the whole family

family vacations: it’s really (mostly) about the kids right? new kids first program by thomas cook = fun for the whole family

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