Canadian embassy calling…

OMG.  I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s post because it was kind of an aside, but since The Hague is home to all of the Netherlands’ embassies, I thought it might be a good idea to invite the Canadian ambassador to Sweet Solitude.  Why not?  It was only two days before the show and I thought, “He’ll probably be busy, but what the hell?  What’s there to lose?”  I drafted a letter oozing with Canadian pride.  I also wrote one on Diego’s behalf for the Argentinean embassy.  Which Diego translated into Spanish.  It also oozed.  I dropped the letters with free tickets off at the respective embassies which are about a 10 minute walk from my house.   And forgot about it.  Even if they didn’t come to the show I figured it was a good idea that they know that their countrymen are doing good things in the city.

On the night of the show- when I had a bit of time to kill between bossing people about- I checked my million voice mail messages.  And there was a call from TUESDAY from the Canadian ambassador’s social secretary.  IT HAD BEEN THERE SINCE TUESDAY AND I HAD MISSED IT.  She apologised and said that the ambassador was out of town.  She asked if the tickets could be given to his representative.  I cursed myself because now it was 16:51 on Thursday night and only a few hours until the show.  I called back and left a frantic message apologising for missing the call and saying, YES! YES! to the ambassador’s representative.  But it was clearly too late. After punching myself in the jaw repeatedly, I eventually gave myself a break.  So I missed a great chance.  C’est la vie.  *sigh*

So this morning.  THIS morning, like half an hour ago, my phone rang.  It was not a number I recognised.  But as I went to answer it my thumb slipped and I ended up hitting the hang up button instead of the answer button.  Damn.  I checked my voice mail (yes, right away) and guess who?  The ambassador’s social secretary: “Hello Nicole this is the social secretary for the Canadian Ambassador. Could you please call me back?”  Hell yes!

And?  And the ambassador is sorry he missed my show.  And he has invited me and Adam to his home for a party tomorrow night to celebrate Canada Day.  O.M.G.

Canadian soil in The Hague:


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