Cargo Ibiza & Moreton Bay

Happy April Fool’s. If you want to see how much of a joke the weather has thrown on us, stay tuned till the end 🙂

2 Cargo items arrived in my latest CP package from the US a few weeks ago.

The brand is pulling out of Ulta, hence a 50% off sale. I was happy when my friend found these.

It has been a while since I tried Cargo, didn’t realize they changed the packaging. The new white box with silver letters feels luxurious. Inside, Cargo’s signature tins still remain.

Here they are, Ibiza Swimmables water resistant blush and Moreton Bay eyeshadow.

I have always been curious about Cargo Swimmables water resistant blushes (reg. $26 for 0.37oz/ 11g) – with silicone coated powder to withstand water and L-lysine, an amino acid to increase the long wearing effect.

I can testify its claim to be weatherproof as it last all day on me, through rain, snow and everything in between. Haven’t done any swimming since last summer, so I can’t confirm that aspect yet lol.

The texture is close to a bouncy blush. It gives if you dip a finger in, but comes back to a flat surface when you swipe your brush on right after. Very interesting!

Ibiza is described as a shimmering hot pink. It definitely has shimmers (see swatches below) but on me, it becomes a cool toned pink. A little harder to wear on my skin tone.

Moreton Bay (reg. $16 for 0.12oz/ 3.5g). is a matte purple but shows up more red toned, quite pigmented and easy to blend thanks to the silica, jet milled talc, vitamin E and Aloe Vera in the formula. It can be used dry or wet, works double as a liner too. On top of a base, it shows minimal fading through the day.

Here are the swatches without a base in 2 different lighting, with my finger (on the left side of each pic) and with a brush (on the right side).

All in all, I am impressed with the quality of these two products, especially when I didn’t have to pay full price for them, but wish the colours show up true to pan. Cargo is available on their website ($10 flat rate shipping to Canada), and selected Lawtons in the Maritimes.

It has been raining ice pellets since last night and still is right now. The sound of ice hitting my window was quite comforting to fall asleep with, but the commute this morning was nowhere near that comfort. And at some point over night, snow happened too!

This was how the little tree in my front lawn looked yesterday. Hard to see (look closely or enlarge the pic) but every single branch was wrapped with ice. Oh April, what happened to you?

This pretty much sums it up eh? Have a fun day out there, everyone!

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