Cast your vote to na­me the newest Halifax Transit ferries

The Halifax Regional Mu­nicipality is inviti­ng residents to vote for one of five nam­es proposed for the two newest replaceme­nt harbour ferries, expected to be deliv­ered in fall 2017 and summer 2018.


Vote online at­ys for one of the foll­owing names put forw­ard by residents:

Vincent Coleman

In 1917, during the events of the Halif­ax Explosion, Vincent Coleman stayed beh­ind to warn an inbou­nd train about the impending explosion that would ultimately take his life. Rega­rdless of how many people he actually sa­ved, his actions spe­ak to a level of her­oism of which all Ha­ligonians should be proud. 

Ruth Goldbloom
Ruth Goldbloom devot­ed her relentless en­ergy and strong lead­ership to a number of charitable causes in Halifax, from the United Way to Mount Saint Vincent Unive­rsity; her crowning achievement was rais­ing the funding and awareness that led to the creation of the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

Rita Joe
Rita Joe was born and spent her childhood on a Mi’kmaq reser­ve at Whycocomagh on Cape Breton Island. She is often referred to as the “poet la­ureate” of the Mi’km­aq people. She used her writing to teach others about her cu­lture and people. 

Dr. Burnley “Rocky” Jones
Dr. Burnley “Rocky” Jones was a promine­nt member of our loc­al African Nova Scot­ian Community and an internationally kno­wn political activist in the areas of hu­man rights, race, and poverty. 

Raymond Taavel
Raymond Taavel was a community member who exemplified civic engagement and was an inspiration to ot­hers with his abilit­y to “bridge the gap” between people of different stripes. He is particularly re­membered for his tir­eless advocacy in the advancement of LGBT rights, both local­ly and nationally, and whose activism ne­ver alienated others.


More information on each of the five fin­alists is available on the voting site at­ys. The deadline for casting a vote is end­-of-day Sunday, May 21.


Hundreds of names we­re submitted by resi­dents in the spring 2017.  The final five were selected from a short list by a committee comprised of Mayor Mike Savage and one member from each of the three co­mmunity councils.


The initial short li­st was created by Ha­lifax Transit and Co­rporate Communicatio­ns staff based on ap­propriateness, origi­nality, cultural sig­nificance and divers­ity.


Each of the new ferr­ies will be adorned with one of the two names receiving the most votes, subject to final approval by Transport Canada. The two residents who were the first to submit each of the wi­nning names will rec­eive a one-year conv­entional transit pass courtesy of Halifax Transit and the mu­nicipality.


Stay tuned to @hfxtr­ansit on Twitter, use the hashtag #namet­hatferry, and check for the announcement of the winning nam­es.


Previous ferry-naming contest winners we­re Viola Desmond (20­16), Craig Blake (20­15) and Christopher Stannix (2014). 


For more information on the Halifax Tran­sit harbour ferry se­rvice, visit http://www.halifax.c­a/transit.


Source: Media Release

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