11:44 pm - Saturday, July 22 2017
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Winter Fun!


Haha don't do as I do, do as I say! Don't do this:)  We were hit with our first real winter storm on Monday. Lots of snow and wind but the roads are clear and the month is diminishing and next month is Spring! I work from home as well as...

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Blizzard Watch


This painting by Rod McKay was the first real piece of art I purchased. I've had it for years and it still gives me pleasure each time I look at it! I'm looking at it now:) I'm sitting on the couch blogging on my phone (!) and looking out the...

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Amarylis! Ama Right?


It is that time of year! Beautiful blooming Amarylis everywhere. Such a gift when all around is frozen and white.These are South African flowers, exotic and rewarding. The rate that they grow is spectacular! You can almost hear them:) Alien and...

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