8:53 am - Friday, November 24 2017
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Monday Monday Monday..... Just another day in the week, but the one most people like the least! Work. Schedules.Back to routine.Up and at em! What if we could shift our perception.. Monday.....the day that finances the fun things we do, the food we...

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Saturday Sunrise…..


Today's sunrise from the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. Minutes before this the sky was soft pink and then deepened to this wonderful salmon colour. A wonderful way to start the day!  The water was dark and glossy, rippling gently as the tide...

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Visual Feast


How beautiful is this? Radicchio and Endive. Vegetable jewels. This time of year I crave living colour. Got my fix today in the grocery store:) Outside everything is faded and dull. Although........on a sunny snowy day, sapphire and diamond hues...

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