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Autumn Streetscapes


Halifax city stroll in mid November....I love finding contrasting colours of plants and buildings. Here many of our homes are painted with bright colours and the variety of combinations is endless.Dinner as decor!This porch appealed to me...maybe it...

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10,000 Steps


Soooooo..... 10,000 steps. At first glance you think jeeze that's a lot and then when you figure it out it hmmm, that doesn't seem so difficult...... but getting it done is! The breakdown is approximately 1000 steps for ten minutes of walking. 100...

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Days of Our Lives….


One of my favourite things is to sit with a blank sheet of paper or journal and a pen and a head full of ideas. If I don't write them down, I lose some of those thoughts and brilliant light bulb ideas and whims and basic things I HAVE to get...

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