2:46 am - Friday, April 3 2020
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Sunday walk


I love walking in the woods, along the ocean, down meandering trails but I also enjoy exploring interesting streets. This is a street I have walked down a million times and I still enjoy it. South Park Street, headed to Point Pleasant Park. Lots of...

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Theosophical Mystery


Mysterious Theosophical Illustrations! My friend found fourteen of these at a yard sale recently. So beautiful! The one above is called Eternal Energy. We've tried to discover more about them but to no avail.This one below is called  Light of...

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March 30, bits and bobs


So today started like that. Golden early sun streaming through my window, gilding everything with colour. This time of year I can really notice the shift in the light, it is starting to feel like warmer days ahead!  I sat and soaked it up for a...

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