6:21 am - Wednesday, January 22 2020
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But Mommm: Merci Maman

by guest blogger, Deanna Cogdon Miller

My daughter came home from primary with her Thanksgiving artwork on Friday and as I pulled the pieces out of her backpack, one paper in particular caught my eye. It was a turkey made...

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Let’s Party: Halloween

We love any kind of party, but who’s kidding who…a Halloween party is among the most fun!  Planning, decorating and preparing are just as exciting as the costumes and party time.   There are so many great sites and...

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But Mommm: The Agenda

by guest blogger Katherine VanBuskirk

It seems like these days I confront my disorganization many times a day. In every room of my house. In every one of my many handbags. On my computer’s desktop.

My name...

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