12:29 pm - Saturday, April 4 2020
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Drug Store Haul (february)


Who doesn't love a good drug store haul? I swear I could spend my whole pay check in one stop when I only went in there to grab toothpaste.  Not that you need any help spending your money, but here are some products I've tried recently...

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Pro Oats


I realize Oatmeal isn't everyone's favorite, but when it comes to putting together a quick nutritious meal that will fill you up and keep you going this is my go-to. Also it's what I bring with me when I travel. When I travel I tend to eat a lot...

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Indochino Suited: Part Two


Back in November, we posted part one of a two part experience with an online made-to-measure suiting company: Indochino.com.The first part of our posting outlined the ordering process, suit selection, and customization options (read more here).Now,...

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Winter Skin Care Routine


Another season means a whole other slew of skincare concerns am I right?? If old man winter is wreaking havoc on your skin you're not alone. I don't know about you blog reader, but I've had a patch of dry skin on my forehead (right between my...

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Avgolemeno Soup


Avgolemono or αυγολέμονο or αβγολέμονο in Greek, is an egg-lemon sauce that is typically seen in Mediterranean recipes for sauces and/or soups. Made with egg yolk and lemon juice this mixture is gently heated with broth to create...

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