Cause it smells pretty and stuff…you know?

AllyG: Happy Friday! If you’re not knocked up or otherwise off the sauce crack open a bottle of your finest cheap wine and have yourself a guzzle. It’s been a heck of  a week and you deserve it, so what if it’s only 8:30am?! It’s called a MIMOSA.

So, this week, I am going to try to give practical advice instead of chit-chatting about Prince Harry’s abs and NKOTB’s refusal to join the 21st century. My favorites this week are things actually use.

Perhaps I can share with you my love of Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop.


Combine it with the Satsuma Shower Gel and you will be a walking orange tree. This is a good thing. I’m seriously not being paid to write this, nor have I been given free samples (ALTHOUGH I AM NOT OPPOSED TO THAT). I share because I care, and frankly, I love you but some of you smell. So pick this up mmm’kay?

In all seriousness, the body butter and body wash is a killer combination. The scent isn’t strong enough to warrant lectures from purist busy bodies on a cramped bus, and the lotion actually does last all day keeping your skin nice and moisturized. Now this is important to me being a preggo. Preggo stores will sell you anything, including crappy “stretch mark cream” (proud to say I have yet to get a stretch mark…and yes, I realize I am tempting fate). And as a new preggo, who are you going to trust? Yourself who knows NOTHING about bringing a baby into the world or the sweet lady who assures you that she has had 20 kids and you absolutely need the cream as well as the stupid triangle pillow to help you sleep. Sorry, I try to not bring pregnant talk on the blog but sometimes it has to happen. Anytheway, this cream does the trick for areas that are…shall we say…blossoming? Actually, I hate that word. It’s like the word “nightie”

The next product that I am loving is the Dove Heat Defence Therapy shampoo and conditioner combo. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t coat your hair like some other drug store shampoos, and …I won’t lie, I bought the product purely out of respect for their Go Fresh “Gossip Girl”: Real New York Stories Revealed campaign:

Ugh. Jessica Szohr is so gorgeous. No wonder she dates Chuck Bass in real life. I want to hate her. I sort of do hate her.

Oh, wait!


There we go. A crappy picture of her. I feel better.

Lastly…I can’t end the Favorite Friday post without talking about the return of my FAVORITE TV show True Blood on HBO. Have you seen the promos?

I realize I am hormonal, but that’s hotter than Jeff’s grandma’s “storybooks”.

Speaking of hot? Anna Paquin.


L-A? You? Plans for the weekend? Are you sipping a mimosa? Dish!

L-A: I love when Ally comes up the the post idea, because I get this blog post all to myself. Until, you know, I share with y’all.  No mimosas for me this weekend. The only thing I like about mimosas is that they’re an excuse to drink before noon and still look classy.  Another thing I dislike is Jessica Szohr. Do I hate because she dates Ed Westwick? Or because I hate her lame character? I really can’t say. But that pic of her made my day.

Anyway, this is favourite Fridays, not things I hate Fridays.  And right now, one of my favourite things are anchors. Actually, I really dig the nautical theme that is popping up in many of the Resort runway shows, but that’s a post for another day. Everytime I type that, I think of Hammy Hamster and how the show ended off saying, “but that’s a story for another day.” Does anyone else remember this? Or am I getting blinks and cricket noises right now?

Damn. Can’t find a Canadian narration, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. But, Hammy in the diving bell reminds that I have totally digressed from love of the nautical. Today I’m going to focus (starting right now) on anchors. Because for some reason, I am really loving anchors. Not enough to join the navy, but enough to buy anchor themed jewelry. Like this adorable necklace from Speech by Michael Mercanti:


I found out about this Toronto-based jewelry designer through a designer spotlight on And while I’m not a huge fan of websites that surprise! me with music, I’m going to recommend you go to (no google, I don’t mean “ss speech jewelry”) and just watch the video. Normally, I’d be all “ack! music and video! turn it off!”, but I kept watching it for some reason and all it is is a woman walking down an alley to Velvet Underground’s I’m Waiting for My Man. For images of his collection, you need to go to the old site (which I have just conveniently provided the link for). I don’t know of any stores in Halifax that carries Speech. If you own a store in Halifax, maybe you can start selling it.

And then there is this necklace by the Beckerman sisters, which I was telling you about last week. Or earlier this week. I can’t remember anymore.


Yep. A necklace so nice, I had to share it twice. (although, this time it is in silver, so it’s totally different from the last time I showed it to you).

And slightly off the anchor, but still totally nautical, with a vintage edge, this patina seahorse and locket by BuenoStyle jewelry:


I love her mix of old and new finds. Love, Me sells her stuff and a previous batch had old skeleton keys as pendants and they rocked.

And to bring it back to anchors, I dig this anchor scarf from Pretty Raccoon:


(not completely on purpose, but all of those anchors/nautical items are Canadian!)

So there you have it! Body butter (which I did not know came in satsuma), sexy vampires, and anchors. If you can find the connection between those things, well, bless you. Now go pour yourself a mimosa and enjoy this final Friday favourite that is completely unrelated to the above mentioned items, but always amuses me. It is Chupa Chuck (he is made by Monster Factory of Toronto):


1. I am going to LoveMe this weekend to buy the Pretty Racoon Scarf (L-A, you do sell that there, right?). If any of you bitches trys to get there first I swear I will hunt you down.

2. The Chupa Chuck link warmed my cold little heart today.

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