Celine! And not of the Dion variety!

AllyG: Sorry about my absence yesteday, pretties. It was inexcusable. With that said, it may happen from time to time as I may be required elsewhere during my typical blogging window. Last night I was needed in my bed, huddled under my comforter sobbing after an eight hour day of BabyG crying. It felt good. I feel good. BabyG now feels good. We’re all happy.

Now! Let’s talk Phoebe Philo, oui?


First off, she’s gorgeous in a “I’m british and clearly more refined than you” way (I find that look so darling!, i.e. Stella McCartney!). And while I adore her look, I adore more her recent designs for Celine.

I had heard bits and pieces about Phoebes on The Interweb, but it wasn’t until reading my October Vogue (the one with Michelle Williams on the cover? The Michelle Williams who is not in Destiny’s Child).

(Michelle Williams who is not in Destiny’s Child…love her, hate her hair, ages her terribly)



Can you keep up…with me booooooooy….

Anythehoo, as many of you know, Phoebe started off as Stella’s design assistant at Chloe before becoming the creative director of the House herself in 2001. Long story short, she blew people’s minds with her vision before abruptly “retiring” from the fashion world to spend more time with her family. Apparently, this was a travesty to many who felt that “spend time with your family” was so cliche. Well, she’s back now, and to much applause, as the creative director for Celine. Her S2010 Ready-to-Wear collection is full of goodness. Lady knows how to make killer wardrobe essentials. She’s updated Celine without isolating its current target market. As she said when interviewed by style.com (where I obtained the photos), “I just thought I’d clean it up. Make it strong and powerful—a kind of contemporary minimalism.” I fully agree with Phoebes. My sweatsuits are strong and powerful, very contemporary. In a minimalistic sort of way.

What I love most about the S2010 rtw is that the clothes look like something a ballet dancer would wear after a rehearsal. Like this:


Again with the shoes, people! What is with these hideous shoes paired with otherwise awesome clothes? Are Karl and Phoebes (I love calling her Phoebes) punking us? Remember Punk’d? Gawd even the apostrophe is obnoxious.

Getting to see Justin Timberlake cry was pretty excellent though.


My mother would say these clothes were very ladylike. Which makes me want to hate them, but I just can’t.


Loooooove the pants. If one were to cocktail with Audrey Hepburn in present day, one would/should wear the above. Philo’s use of leather is really creative. Take note of the leather drape below.


Is that a drape? Or shall we call it a “mini-poncho”? I’ve stated before my knowledge of fashion lingo is limited. Which is why I am often troubled to find adjectives beyond, “pretty” or “Awesome!” or “sucky”. I have no idea why people read this blog, maybe it’s to make fun of me. Which reminds me of when people use to make fun of my outfits in junior high. I recall two specific incidents:

1. When a bitchy girl told me she was going to beat me up for wearing a Lacoste golf shirt (it was purple and it was adorable).

2. When people brought bounce sheets to school and taunted, “static cling! static cling!” in singsongy voices while whipping said bounce sheets at what can only be described as my sheer, cotton hammer pants.

Moving right along:


This is an updated sexy secretary look, non? “Oops! I dropped my pen!” Get it? Ha! HA! ha….right. Anyways, chalk this up to fabulous.


I am obsessed with the hemline on this dress. My mother would disagree and call this unladylike or un-put-together which makes me love it more. For me, The Phoebes has provided a perfect riff of the classic, clean white dress and made it a little “saucy-time”.

I’m curious as to what L-A thinks of The Phoebe’s Comeback. Will she hate it? Will we finally agree? Will she be bringing me brownies soon? Let’s find out!

Ally xo

P.S. I’d like to thank L-A quickly for allowing me to spend an entire day working on a post. She comes in and adds her fabulous opinion afterwards, letting me take the time I need to look after BabyG and get a semi-interesting post completed. This doesn’t allow her that much time to spend on the post before it goes up, which is why you all should give her mad props for spewing her brilliance in such a short time span. For her, I dedicate this song.

L-A: Ne pas de mad props needed. I do it for the love of the game. I’m committed to sparkle power and the only thing that stops me from blogging is sketchy internet access while on vacation and H1N1.  Although my bro isn’t impressed with our blog because there is too much reading involved. Is this true? Is it really too much reading? Let us know. We can try to be more concise.

Moving on…Phoebe Philo. I will be honest and tell you that I knew very little about her before today. Here’s the thing with the blog – sometimes we talk out of our asses. We do the research, we learn about the designers and we talk about them here. Not always the case, but it happens.  So tonight I googled Phoebe Philo and Celine to see what I could see. It appears everyone is all a-flutter for her comeback to design.  And while I understand the excitement over her return in general, I cannot give her Spring/Summer 2010 collection a full pass.  I like much of what Ally has already posted, although I’m iffy on some of the leather…but that’s okay, I’m often iffy about leather clothing. And there are the following few things I liked:


That’s a kind of pantsuit I can actually get behind. Looks like something you’d wear while chatting with Kate Hepburn at our a Fantasy Cocktail Party.  That is, if I could wear that colour, which I cannot. I’m far to pale for that sort of thing. I also kind of like the following:


Aside from what appear to be hideous shoes (I haven’t seen them side on, so I can agree with Ally on the shoe) I’m liking things. That is, until I start looking closer at the collection.  For example:


That, my friends, is a flour sack turned into a dress. I know times are tight these days, but I don’t think we’ve hit so low that we need to convert flour sacks into dresses.  Actually, I fully expect to see SJP/Carrie Bradshaw tap this look for the next SatC movie. She’d pair that dress/shoe combo with knee socks, pearls, a hat and an old man’s coat.  Or how about this look:


Can you spot the difference? Well, the difference is that his tunic fits better and he accessorizes with a belt. Actually, do you know what Robin Hood + flour sack equals? That’s right:



I can’t say for sure, but Phoebe’s spending time with family might have meant too much time watching Disney or time spent in Canadian grocery stores.

Finally, the next two just look messy to me and I can’t quite wrap my head around them. I don’t hate, but I definitely am not over the moon about them:


They’re…I don’t know…I just see Michael Kors and Nina Garcia trashing them on Project Runway.  The first one looks unfinished to me. Like the thought wasn’t completed.

So I don’t know about the fuss for Celine. I’m not in love. Ally can still have brownies, but I’m not dying for these.

Anyway….your thoughts: Love the look of Celine? Or is it fit for the pit?

(If we were beholden to CanCon regulations, I would have totally nailed that today with my flour and Street Cents references!)

Shut Up and Surf Classic IS ON for Oct. 17!

Photo credit: kaytethinks from Flickr

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