Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Refractionist, Iridologist,

BodyTalk is a form of energy medicine that taps into the body’s naturalability to heal itself.Our complex bodies are a maze of energy systemsthat are in constant communication with each other.
CertifiedBodyTalk Practioners are trained in how to read muscular responses tophysical, mental and emotional stresses and to provide simple buteffective therapeutic treatments that are safe and non-invasive.
The goal is to re-synchronize breakdowns in body communication, so that a person can function as nature intended.
BodyTalk was first developed by leading chiropractor, acupuncturist andauthor, John Veitheim, who was able to cure his own serious illnessthrough a self-developed BodyTalk method.
BodyTalk, one of the fastest growing fields of health care, is now practiced in more than 38 countries around the globe.


muscles.jpgHow BodyTalk Works?

Our bodies naturally react through our senses to environmental stimuli.
Forexample, when you receive bad news, your muscles go weak and you slumpin your chair. Conversely, when you receive good news, your musclesstrengthen and you perk up. BodyTalk measures muscular responses,through a series stimulating questions, based on a specially designedprotocol.

Like other Chinese medicines, such as acupuncture andacupressure, BodyTalk works with the body’s natural energy. BodyTalkdiffers, however, in that it employs the ancient Indian treatment oftapping to interrupt unnatural energy flows in the body and tore-synchronize them.


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