Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer SPF50 review

You all know what these white bottles with green and blue labels are, I wouldn’t bore you out talking about them anymore. But the new little tube at the bottom with the same familiar label is worth reviewing 🙂

I was so excited learning that Cetaphil came out with the Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF50, and I had to go get my own tube to try. Realized that the tube is a lot smaller than the bottle of SPF15 moisturizer (50ml vs. 120ml) while retailed at the same price, I had to assume this product would perform wonder on my skin.

And it did. The product worked well in both moisturizing and protecting my skin from the sun. It had typical suncreen feeling and smell (not too strong though) and left a white cast behind the first time I applied it a little too liberally on my face. When I got the amount right for each application, my skin felt smooth and hydrated for the whole day. So you don’t need a lot of product on, and the tube could get you through the sunny summer despite the small size.

I don’t use this product everyday, however, as it certainly feels a little heavier than my regular Olay moisturizer SPF15 and would take some time to get used to. Depending on the weather forecast for the day, I alternate between the 2 moisturizers. Also, I follow up with a night moisturizer before going to bed, as usual.

The moisturizer is sold between CAD13-16, depending on where you shop. There are some Cetaphil coupons linked from Cetaphil website to save.ca – CAD3.50 off for the moisturizer SPF50, CAD3 for the Gentle Skin Cleanser and CAD5 for the Acne Principles kit. So if you haven’t already, check the product out with some handy saving.

To match the blue theme of this post, here’s NYC Long-wearing Nail Enamel in Kool Blue on my nails. Most of NYC polishes in light shades seemed to be quite sheer, but not this one. The baby blue colour, with a white tint, was very pretty. And I felt calmed whenever I looked at it, so I wore it to work.

It was the Buskers festival last week and the noise from the performers from the street was hard to bear. I brought my headphone and a few relaxation CDs to work. Them, and Kool Blue kept me sane, lol.

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