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Champers anyone? Happy 3rd Blogiversary to us!

Champers anyone? Happy 3rd Blogiversary to us!

L-A: The word champers actually causes me to shudder. However, I do want to break out the champagne because…drum roll…it’s our Champagne Birthday! And as we are a blog, this is the only time you can give champagne to a three year old and not get children’s services all up in your business. So, without further adieu! Happy Blogiversary to us!

Champers anyone? Happy 3rd Blogiversary to us!

This is how we do it. Like, really. This is Ally on a Saturday in the summer.


Three years is a long time for something you didn’t imagine would last the length of someone’s pregnancy. But it has. And it’s been 631 posts and 3,083 comments and more than one late night and sometimes hard work (blogging can be hard, y’all). But it’s totally been worth it. And I know we say this every year, but the reason we do it is because you read us and you give a damn. And some of you have even introduced yourselves to us (I apologize if I come across as incredibly awkward in real life). And we’re so happy that you do read us and tell us that you dig what we write. Because that’s why we fire up the computer and write three days a week. So long as you’re reading, we’re writing.

And blogiversaries are the perfect time for us to say thanks to the people who are reading AND writing with us. We’ve got ourselves a talented collection of unpaid staff and interns and friends who help us out whenever we ask and they do it with wit that usually makes us green with envy. So thank you to Our West Coast Bureau Anthony, Intern Krista, Mel, Ann, Jill, Ben and Jo. Y’all are awesome and you’ve helped us get through holidays, busy work schedules and illnesses. As are all the friends and family who put up with us and help us.

Most importantly, happy blogiversary to Ally. You have no idea how many times she’s said, “I’m the worst co-blogger ever”, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. She talks me off ledges and sends me celebrity gossip.

And in honour of our champagne birthday, here are some ways to drink your celebratory champagne.

Champers anyone? Happy 3rd Blogiversary to us!

(cute illustration totally made by someone else. We don’t necessarily mean to encourage day drinking, but you’re mostly all adults, so if you want a kir royale at 10am, that’s your business).

The birthday party plans are in the works, but if you have a swell suggestion for a bar where we could host our birthday, please share with us. We’re open to suggestions. And until we do have the birthday party planned, here’s some sweet, sweet birthday tuneage for you:

YouTube Preview Image

You’re right boys, age really is just a number. We definitely won’t stop having fun.

Ally: Aw, I am the worst co-blogger ever! Except when I bring you US/People magazines (I refuse to slum with InTouch). I second the thanks for our amazing unpaid staff. We have the coolest group of friends on the Internets ever. I would like to offer up this song best danced to with a bottle of champers in your hand:

YouTube Preview Image

I hesitate to say this…but I think L-A might actually enjoy this song. I’ll ask her. When she comes in. To sit next to me. All day. JEALOUS??

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/c-1YRZI5Jzk/

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