Change to Movie News

So, you may have noticed that the “Movie News” section of the site has disappeared. The articles previously found there haven’t vanished, however, they’ve simply shifted to the “Misc” heading.

There are a couple reasons for the sudden disappearance. For one, the last article in that section was back in March. Yikes. Hardly ‘news’. It would seem that dedicating a full article to every slightly interesting tidbit coming down the pipeline, really slowed things down. Secondly, news is going to be handled differently from now on, and hopefully for the better.

Upcoming news will be announced via’s social connections (Facebook and Twitter). These are already the platforms used for any small scale information to pass along, so it only makes sense for larger bits of info too. Additionally, it allows me to give you news quickly, and without the delays created by crafting an article around said news.

So be sure to join either the site’s Facebook or Twitter pages to be kept up to date with all the latest news, videos, and other random info you never knew you needed to know.

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