Changes for Council on African Canadian Education Clarified

The Council on African Canadian Education (CACE) will continue to be an important advisory body to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, but will have a financial and governance audit starting in January.

Audits in 2010 and 2013, raised a number of concerns, including questions over use of funding, and governance and accountability issues.

A review of mandates and responsibilities this summer confirmed CACE was operating outside its legislative mandate as pointed out in earlier audits. A full financial and governance audit will look into these matters.

As a result of the review, there will be strengthened oversight and financial accountability, clarity of roles and responsibilities, and collaboration between CACE and the department.

“It has become clear to me from this review and previous audits that significant changes are required to the way we deliver services and programs that support African Nova Scotian students in this province,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey. “We will do that by having clearly defined roles and responsibilities along with measurable outcomes for success.”

Findings from the African Nova Scotian Review indicate:
— governance and reporting structures are applied inconsistently and without proper authority or documentation
— services and supports provided may extend beyond the authority of the agency
— a lack of clarity around roles leading to duplication of efforts
— a lack of accountability measures and inconsistency in financial reporting

Although the findings confirm the council does not have the legislative authority to have its own secretariat, the minister has committed that support will be provided by the department, and the funding going to the secretariat will be used to improve outcomes for African Nova Scotian learners.

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