Changes to traffic signals at Lacewood & Dunbrack in Clayton Park

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of changes to signal operations at the intersection of Dunbrack Street and Lacewood Drive.

The intersection now operates with fully protected left turns, meaning motorists can no longer turn left without the flashing green left arrow. On the green arrow, drivers are given the right-of-way to complete left turns free of any other traffic or pedestrian conflicts. The amber arrow warns drivers that the left-turn phase is ending. Once the red ball is displayed on the left turn signal heads, motorists waiting to execute the left-turn movement must wait for the green arrow display during the next cycle.

This change resulted from in-service safety assessments of the intersection which recommended fully protected left turn phasing as an option to address potential left turn conflict with pedestrians and with other vehicles. This change supports the municipality’s Strategic Road Safety Plan, which aims to reduce fatal and injury collisions on municipal roadways.

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