Changing Gears: Youth Cycling in Nova Scotia

Changing Gears: Youth Cycling in Nova Scotia workshop takes place on Saturday, March 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  at the Dartmouth Sportsplex Nantucket Room.

The workshop will consider the obstacles to more youth cycling in Nova Scotia and identify solutions. They are looking for your ideas.

The Halifax Cycling Coalition website states that:

“The number of young people who cycle to school, recreational activities and just for fun has plummeted in the past two decades.

This decline in personal mobility has resulted in increased time in Mom’s and Dad’s Taxi and to physical inactivity that is causing significant long-term health problems for the next generation.”

The goal of the workshop “is to create a collective action plan that can be used by governments, schools, young people, parents and anyone with an interest in youth health and well being to make it safer and more convenient for young people to cycle or to be cycled.”

This event is co-organized by the Ecology Action Centre’s Active & Safe Routes to School program and the Halifax Cycling Coalition. It is supported by Transport Canada, The Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection, the Halifax Regional Municipality and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Please RSVP before March 25 to

Food and refreshments will be served.

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