Charges against woman after SPCA investigation

Nova Scotia SPCA responded to a complaint in March about two dogs in distress at a residence in Freeport. Following the investigation, Alicia Hall, 30, from Freeport, was charged under the Criminal Code of Canada with two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals under section 445.1(1)(a) and two counts of abandoning animals in distress under section 446(1)(b). Section 445.1(1)(a) addresses offences related to wilfully causing pain, suffering, or injury to animals, which can result in imprisonment for up to five years or fines up to $10,000. Section 446(1)(b) deals with abandoning animals in distress, carrying penalties that include imprisonment for up to two years or fines up to $5,000.

The Nova Scotia SPCA Enforcement Department operates province-wide vested with the authority from the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, to provide enforcement under the Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. Inspectors investigate, and where necessary, lay charges, conduct animal seizures, or issue orders to persons suspected of animal cruelty and neglect. The Nova Scotia SPCA Enforcement Department employs Special Constables appointed under the Police Act of Nova Scotia.

Hall appeared in Digby Provincial Court on May 21, 2024.


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