Check-in #2: How do you feel about the Atlantic Bubble today? (Oct 18)

Over the last few days we’ve received a fair number of DMs and emails about the state of the Atlantic bubble, many of which expressed concern over the rising amount of COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick.

The Nova Scotia government assures us that we are safe, and say they are in constant contact with health officials in New Brunswick to monitor the situation. And their handling of the pandemic has been nothing short of amazing, with Nova Scotia enjoying the lowest number of COVID-19 cases per capita in the country. (And no community spread as of this writing)

However, New Brunswick has seen 26 new cases in the last four days (Oct 14 – Oct 18), with Moncton, their largest city, under orange level restrictions for days.

Haligonia poll from October 8th 2020.

New Brunswick began mandatory mask requirements on October 8, one day after 17 new COVID-19 cases were reported. Quebec, with which New Brunswick shares a border, reported nearly 1,100 new cases yesterday. Prince Edward Island still does not require masks to be worn publicly as of this writing.

Most of the active COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia at the time of this writing are reported to be as a result of air travel into the province from Toronto.

Knowing the significant economic and social implications of increasing border entry restrictions into Nova Scotia, would you change anything today?

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