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L-A: Kind of exciting news for Ally & I.  The blog was approved to be a part of Independent Fashion Bloggers.  Sweet!

In order to apply to be a member of IFB, you have to be blogging for at least two months. Which means we have been blogging for two months! WTF? How has it been two months?  It feels like just yesterday that we discussed Michelle Obama’s wardrobe on a whim.  We keep writing because you keep reading. And we love you for that.  I think we need to show you how much we love you. Any thoughts Ally? Maybe some Ed Westwick?


you know we love you. xoxo.

AllyG: I present you with yet another gift! A promise of no Country Music for one WHOLE month. Seriously, we love blogging, and we love that you are reading. Thanks tons for your support!

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