Chicken, Potholes and Marketing

Is KFC’s latest marketing campaign smart and truly “responsible” in it’s orientation or is it a sign that marketing today is suffering from an ability to find effectiveness in a world turned numb to most of the messaging we receive today? At first I thought it was a sign of desperation…then perhaps not.

Yes, city streets and the citizens of the 5 selected cities do benefit, municipal governments save and can apply the funds elsewhere. Oh and yes, we are talking about. in the Social Web and in professional media…and that exposure ads up. So it’s innovative.
It is also an example of a strategy that crosses multiple mediums and perhaps will spark a flurry of other companies to run similarly oriented campaigns.
The upside might be that through responsible marketing tactics, the economy is somewhat spurred and citizens gain. Campbells Soup for example might suddenly sponsor major soup kitchens in depressed urban areas. Adidas might build soccer pitches in needy areas…
…and it’s all good. For a while we might talk about these things, spread the word virally. I just hope we don’t get “immune” to these tactics too quickly. Too many marketers have made promises that fell through at the purchase point. Too many marketers have lied and we’ve become tainted, untrusting and suspicious of the marketing message.
I like this campaign for a unique approach and that people win. It would be nice to see more companies giving back this way and creating a new style of social marketing. Perhaps. Jury’s out yet. But done right, it might inspire cross-media discussion and action.
What do you thunk? What kind of similar campaign would you suggest?
Peter Matyas

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