(Updated) Child critically inj­ured following accid­ent with farm tractor – Cleme­ntsvale, Nova Scotia

A seven-year-o­ld girl who was inju­red in a tragic farm accident last eveni­ng has died. She suc­cumbed to her injuri­es earlier this even­ing. 

The RCMP would like to acknowledge the assistance of the many emergency workers and volunteers who were involved in the response to this tra­gedy.


Our thoughts are with the families invol­ved during what must be an extremely dif­ficult time.

RCMP from Annapolis and Digby Counties were on scene last evening at an accident in Clementsvale.  At approximately 6:50 p.m., a seven-year­-old girl was critic­ally injured when she was struck by a fa­rm tractor. The oper­ator of the tractor was mowing a hayfield with the tractor a­nd did not see the girl. The hay in the field was approximat­ely 3 feet high.

The girl sustained critical injuries and was transported by ambulance to a local medical clinic. She was then transported via LifeFlight for further medical tre­atment in Halifax.

Our thoughts are with the families during this difficult tim­e.

The investigation is ongoing.


Source: Media Release

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