Child injury prevention program at IWK Health expands with provincial dollars

Via IWK release:

IWK Health’s expanded program aims to keep more children safe at home and on the road with the support of a provincial grant. This funding, directed to Child Safety Link, will aid family resource centres, newcomer agencies, and First Nations health centres by providing items like car seats, baby gates, and poisoning prevention equipment like medication lock bags and cabinet locks.

Child Safety Link offers extensive resources, including educational materials on car seat safety, fall prevention, and poison prevention. Their website provides guides and videos in multiple languages, and they have an online community for professionals to share resources and discuss injury prevention.

What These Services Do:

  • Car Seat Safety: Child Safety Link provides resources and training to ensure parents and caregivers know how to properly install and use car seats, which can reduce the risk of injury by up to 70%. This includes training sessions, online guides, and even an interactive tool to help families choose the right seat.
  • Poison Prevention: The program offers educational materials and equipment such as medication lock bags and cabinet locks to prevent accidental poisonings at home. This is critical as unintentional poisoning is a leading cause of injury among children.
  • Fall Prevention: By distributing baby gates and educating families on home safety practices, Child Safety Link helps prevent falls, which are a common cause of injury for young children.
  • Online Community and Resources: Child Safety Link’s website provides educational materials on a wide range of topics including helmet safety, playground safety, and more. It also features an online community for professionals to discuss injury prevention strategies and share resources.

This grant is part of a series of provincial initiatives to enhance child safety. The support aims to reduce unintentional injuries, which are the leading cause of death and hospitalization among children in Canada.

Quick Facts:

  • Child Safety Link received $500,000.
  • IWK Health is dedicated to providing quality care to women, children, youth, and families in the Maritime provinces and beyond.
  • Safe Kids Week, June 3 to 9, is a national initiative to raise awareness about child injury prevention and inspire caregivers with practical tips to keep kids safe; this year’s theme is consumer product safety.

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