China Glaze deal

I found a good deal and want to do a quick post to share with you. Just to clear this up right up front, I am not compensated to write about this.

Beauty Ticket is having deal of the week: China Glaze for $1.99, 1 bottle per colour. Selections aren’t too many, so if there’s some shades you want, snag them quick.

I always have a thing with China Glaze, probably because it’s the first brand of nail polish I started my “nail painting” journey with. Last time I shopped the brand was when Sally’s had “buy 2 get 1 free” deal. I missed out on the OMG (in the picture is TTYL from OMG collection) and Kaleidoscope, even a few shades of the Summer Days collection. When I first found out about Beauty Ticket having China Glaze for great price (at the time they had the combo of 3 bottles for $6) but was turned down due to the extreme high shipping cost that they quoted me (flat rate of $23.99).

So, for that reason, this deal only makes sense to you guys in the US. I’ll have to wait until something like Beauty Ticket for Canadians is invented.

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