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Chuck: Scaredy Cat

Unlike a lot of people, I’ve really enjoyed this season of Chuck so far. All the stuff with Chuck’s mom has kept me guessing, and the episode a couple weeks ago where Chuck’s mom deleted the Intersect (or put a rock on it, I guess) was thrilling. That said, I think last night’s episode was average. Not great, not bad, just a bit of a filler episode. Which is, you know, fine.
Chuck spent most of the episode with a fancy psychologist who was trying to scare the pants off him. Chuck still has the Intersect in his head and has scratchy, static-filled flashes, but he can’t access it because of whatever his mom did. The solution, according to the psych guy Jim Rye (played by Rob Riggle, who was very funny), was to put Chuck in dangerous situations and scare him enough to regain access to the Intersect. It boiled down to the fact that Chuck relied too much on Sarah, and not enough on his own spy skills. Oh, and then Sarah said Chuck wasn’t a real spy. Ouch. 
Unfortunately, Chuck didn’t flash. Jim Rye was killed and Chuck was captured – not exactly the outcome they’d been hoping for. So even though I thought the episode was just OK, I liked the ending. Sarah is now going to go searching for Chuck, along with Casey and Morgan. I expect to see a lot of ass-kicking from Sarah and a lot of comedy from Morgan and Casey. I’m looking forward to this story arc. 
Meanwhile, there was trouble a’brewing back at the Buy More. I’ve got to say, I don’t think this whole “Greta” thing is working out. The CIA would never give every single agent the same code name! And what spy school did these agents graduate from, anyway? They’re being way too obvious! Casey had some great moments this week though, where he met with his daughter and opened up about how he’s actually made friends in Burbank, and then he helped Jeff and Lester out of a jam with Greta (played by nerd queen Summer Glau). 
What I’m really hoping is that the guy who captured Chuck will have some connection to Frost and Volkoff. They’re top priority now, so it would be nice to see everything tie in. What did you think of the episode? Will Sarah save Chuck, or will he save himself? Personally, I want to see him save himself and prove once and for all that he is now a real spy.

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