City launches registry for with mobility, vision, and other impairments in emergencies

HRM release:

The Halifax Regional Municipality has launched a Voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry (VVPR) to assist residents who may require more support during emergency situations.

The VVPR provides essential information to first responders and Emergency Management staff and volunteers to help prioritize responses to residents’ needs in situations such as sustained power outages or severe storms.

The VVPR is a voluntary, self-referral list intended for residents without 24-hour support who experience severe difficulty with any of the following:

  • mobility
  • vision impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • developmental disabilities
  • cognitive impairment
  • mental health conditions
  • any resident who requires electricity for life-sustaining equipment such as oxygen, dialysis, etc.

Those not eligible include (exceptions may apply):

  • residents receiving 24-hour support from a caregiver or home care aide
  • residents receiving care or assistance from a long-term care home or supportive housing facility
  • residents under the age of 18 who receive parent/guardian support; however, children with intensive needs that require electricity for life sustaining equipment may be considered

Applications can be submitted only by individuals seeking to become part of the VVPR or their representative/legal guardian. All applications will be reviewed by municipal staff to confirm eligibility and verify personal information upon submission of the self-referral online application form.

When the VVPR program is activated, a warning will be sent through hfxALERT, the municipality’s mass notification system, to registrants, their representative/legal guardian and emergency contacts.

Emergency Management staff will then conduct phone calls if needed, or attempt door-to-door contact through Emergency Management volunteers.

After the event, Emergency Management staff will provide check-in communications through hfxALERT to registrants, their representative/legal guardian and emergency contacts. Prioritization checks will be conducted based on personal information included in the registration form, with door-to-door contact, as necessary.

To learn more about the VVPR and to register, visit:

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