City may take over Herring Cove breakwater

CBC News reported this morning there’s been a request for the city to take over the Herring Cove breakwater. Right now it’s under the authority of the Atlantic Pilotage Authority. I’ve looked up the community council document in case you would like to see it.

The APA says it doesn’t need the breakwater anymore. The Herring Cove Advisory Steering Committee has asked HRM and the community to take it over.

The committee suggests the arrangement would be similar to the way the Spryfield Lions Rink is managed by the community/city.

Tomorrow (May 19) there will be an update at the meeting of the steering committee. That’s taking place at the Captain William Spry Centre, in the second floor meeting room between 7pm and 9pm.

There will also be two other updates regarding potential amendments to land use by-laws regarding the Herring Cove settlement and servicing strategy, and sewer and water development.


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