Claire’s hauls

I have recently hit a few jackpots at Claire’s 10 for $10 sales. They have sales often enough to suck me in, and sometimes there are treasures waiting to be found.

For those who aren’t familiar with Claire’s sale: Once in a while, they run 10 for $10 sale where selected items of CAD11.50 (or less) regular price are on for $1 each, as long as you get at least 10 items. Items of more than CAD11.50 reg. will be extra half price of the last sale price, which normally means 75% off original price.

This post is a summary of a few trips I made in the last month or so.

First, a few scores at the nail polish corner:
Key Lime (scented)
– 4 layered polishes: Heart Princess, Star Daze, Sherbert and Hawaii – they are so pretty!
– 2 treatments: matte top coat and nail strengthener.

And a major score: the Salon Nail Foils (CAD4.54, reg. CAD18.25). The kit comes with 24 foils (I chose the animal print pattern), a mini nail file, nail scissors and a cuticle pusher, all stored in a sturdy clear plastic case. Obviously Claire’s has jumped on to the foil wagon. I plan to try this out before a vacation, hoping it would last longer than regular nail polish so I don’t have to be bothered with changing my nail colours.

For makeup, I found some lashes. Didn’t know they make lashes before, guess I don’t browse the stores enough, other than the sale section, lol.

I did notice the Tokyo Girls collection with fun packaging before (kinda remind me of the Harajuku Lovers dolls). Liked it but didn’t want to pay full price. Good thing I waited, cause I found a few in the $1 bin.
– Tokyo Girls lip gloss – Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry
– Tokyo Girls Cherry lip balm.
Aren’t they cute?

More makeup:
– Shimmering eyeshadow palette: 12 combos of quads (CAD4.56, reg. CAD18.25). I heard this palette has good pigmentation and like the endless colour combination option.
– Bronzing set: a single with star pattern, a duo and a trio, plus a brush ($1, reg. CAD11.50)
– Multiple-coloured palettes – Penguin, Brown-eyed Girl and Panda ($1 each, reg. CAD5). Gotta be fun picking out colour from the animal’s ears/ hand/legs, etc., a step up from regular colour palettes, don’t you think?

It might sound funny but I feel young shopping at Claire’s, lol. Maybe my sis will laugh, but I dont’ care 🙂 Hey, it rhymes.

Lastly, some jewelry.
– 2 flower rings on the left are in the same design, one black (opaque), one white (clear), adjustable.
– 3 dangling earrings.

Always remember that you don’t have to buy items in the multiple amount of 10’s. Any items after the first 10 would be $1 each. Not all the staff know this rule (I’ve been there), so make sure you (and the store manager) do.

Have you been in Claire’s lately. Any good finds?

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