Clarisonic Mia

Woo hoo, I am now a proud Clarisonic owner.

The bf surprised me with this beautiful Clarisonic Mia as a Christmas present. I never mentioned it with him, as I know he didn’t have a passion about beauty products like I do, lol. As as it is a costly item, I never thought about getting one myself. Turned out he heard about it from his mom (she loved her Mia) and thought I could put one in good use. How sweet!

I love Mia as she’s smaller and comes with a worldwide-compatible charger, great for travel. The 3 cleansers offered is a bit of a waste though. I could use the Gentle Hydro (all skin types, including sensitive skin) or Refreshing Gel (normal to oily/ problem skin) but don’t think I would touch the Nourishing Care (normal to dry skin) as it doesn’t work for my skin type. I’d rather have a bigger size of one single cleanser that works for me, wouldn’t you?

Although Clarisonic recommends to use the brush twice a day everyday, but I don’t want to overwork my skin. After Accutane, I’m pretty careful about what I do with my face and will probably use my Mia every 2-3 days. I had a facial today, and the lady skipped the massage part of the process, as she said Accutane has made my skin thinner and she wanted to hold off the massage for a few months later. And I agree. Accutane saved my face, but the maintenance stage is quite lengthy and painful, to be honest 🙂

Do you own a Clarisonic? What do you think about it?

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