Close to 28,000 tickets sold for the CAT ferry through 2023 season

By July 11, 2023, Bay Ferries Limited reported that it had sold 27,999 tickets for passengers planning to travel on The CAT throughout the 2023 operating season. This figure marked a considerable increase from the previous report on June 5, 2023, when 19,649 tickets had been sold. Notably, this figure also demonstrates an increase of 5,114 bookings compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

In terms of actual passenger and vehicle transportation, as of July 11, 2023, 10,063 passengers and 4,018 vehicles have been on board.

This data aligns with the broader national trends that are witnessing a revival of vehicle land border traffic by US residents into Canada, post-pandemic, although still not on par with the traffic volume recorded in 2019.

Factors such as the wildfires that hit Nova Scotia earlier in the operating season and recent unfavorable weather conditions have somewhat influenced the travel pattern.

Regarding The CAT’s operational information, as of July 11, 2023, it has successfully undertaken 30 round trips, although three had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. The vessel operates on a daily schedule until September 4. After this date, the service frequency will be trimmed down to five days a week (Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) until October 9. Departures from Yarmouth are scheduled for 0930 Atlantic time, while those from Bar Harbor are slated for 1500 Eastern time.

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