Coats I’m jazzed about

L-A: Part of me wants to talk to y’all about Glee. I could tie it into the post title because of Rachel’s plaid cape/coat deal. But I can’t even. I need to process just how boring that episode was. The most exciting part was seeing Ben Boudreau in an ad mid-episode.

Anyway. Let’s pretend Glee didn’t happen (yes, I like that idea) and write this post like I just don’t care about boring wastes of airtime. Maybe stick on some Christmas music to get in a more festive spirit.

But the trouble is, Christmas music isn’t working. Even with Mariah and Biebs are stuck on repeat-peat x 3  in my head right now. For days. On end. I’m just not in the festive spirit and it’s not even Glee’s fault (although I would like to blame it). It may have something to do with this:

Coats I’m jazzed about

What up, Halifax?

Warm weather for Christmas is fine if you live in a place that gets warm weather in the winter. But this place doesn’t. It will get cold (oh yes, it will get cold) and it will snow, so why not just get it over with? Why toy with my emotions like this? And why ruin my perfectly good obsession with winter coats? Because that weather calls for raincoats only (although, this is less harsh now that I have a much cuter raincoat).

Because while I hate winter, I love coats. I own at least four or five fall to winter weight coats and jackets. And if I had more money/closet space, there’d be coats like there are shoes on the floor of my entire apartment.

Anyway, this is a roundup of coats I currently want, but definitely don’t need thanks to this spring like weather.

1. I’ll have what she’s having.

Or what she had. Five years ago.

Coats I’m jazzed about

A leather peacoat maybe? I can’t tell. You can get a better look in the video.

Gossip Girl 1×01 “Pilot” Part 1/5 from GossipGirlTV23 on Vimeo.

I’m sure I’m blinded by the nautical stripes. I’d like to note that this is the only time in the history of ever that I will say I want to wear what Serena/Blake is wearing. Probably because it’s the last time she actually wore pants and covered her cleavage.

2. A peacoat

I will always love the peacoat the way some people still love their first boyfriend. Probably because they often come with buttons that have anchors on them (oh, you should have seen the actual navy issued peacoat I saw at Elsie’s on Queen St! Anchors aweigh!). And they look good with a nautical stripe (this needs to stop. It won’t, but it needs to). Current favourites are:

Coats I’m jazzed about

In the navy!

Okay, forgetting that this is Burberry and costs slightly more than your first born, I dig the giant collar. It’s not your usual peacoat collar because it’s HUGE. Which is good for when it does eventually get cold (and it will) and you pull your collar up.

Coats I’m jazzed about

polka dots, whaaaat?

 It has polka dots! I can’t even think of what else to say about it because the cute is over the top.

And finally: Plaid!

Coats I’m jazzed about

I’d totally feel like I was a 60s co-ed in that. Like, if I put it on, Sylvia Plath and Holden Caufield will magically show up and we’ll go have a smoke and talk about how much we hate our phony friends who go to football games. And I don’t even smoke.

3. Speaking of plaid…

I need more patterns like it in my coat collections. I need stuff like this:

Coats I’m jazzed about

Or like this:

Coats I’m jazzed about

Except not that collar. I hate that collar. Love the pattern, love the buttons, love the pockets. Hate the collar.

4. Still want/need one from the Hudson Bay Company

I’ve seen them in consignment stores lately. I won’t say which for fear it’s still there and I don’t want anyone but me to have it. But I’ve seen it and loved it. I still die over this Smythe version:

Coats I’m jazzed about

Probably only flattering if you’re the size of a pixie fart, but nevertheless, I love that unattainable coat. In the meantime, I can get a Hudson Bay variety in a peacoat. Not the same, but getting there:

Coats I’m jazzed about

I can’t understand why HBC has got everything from the dog’s bowl to sweaters in the damn stripes I want, but not a coat. Get on that Hudson Bay. That and a canoe. I have no idea where I’d put a canoe and I can’t really portage that sucker out of the city, but I totally want a striped canoe. But that’s a post for a whole different kind of blog (“Fashionable People, Questionable Sporting Habits”).

Ally: I was having some mad computer issues last night so I’m late to the game.

On the issue of coats, a friend of mine who is pregnant sent me an email questioning whether she should buy the dreaded maternity coat or simply wear a large coat unbuttoned.  My first response was, “WTF, you’re pregnant?” Seriously, I need to get out of the ‘burbs more. My second response was, “Oh my gawd people. You cannot buy a coat and wear it unbuttoned.”

You need to suck it up like the proverbial princess. Buy the maternity coat. This one isn’t so bad!

Coats I’m jazzed about

It’s hurting me the way she is arching her back.


It’s…cute. Ok, it will do for the four to five months you have to suffer through winter while waddling on ice. You can buy this online at Motherhood.

Speaking of coats, and jumpy claps for me staying on topic, I have picked up the faux leather jacket from Joe Fresh twice in the past month ready to purchase. I don’t really know what’s stopping me besides…I don’t know…I’m not 16.

I’ve been trying to find a photo of the jacket online and came across this blog. Girl’s got style:

Coats I’m jazzed about

I believe this to be the 2010 version of the faux leather jacket from Joe Fresh. Still amazing.


Oh, here is the 2011 version. Who would have thought that if I just went to Joe I would find it! The Internets is INCREDIBLE:

Coats I’m jazzed about

I like it even more now…


Bomber Jacket. $49. What say ye?

P.S. Seriously Lea Michele?

Coats I’m jazzed about

You’re standing next to Ashton Kutcher. Simmer down.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the obvious dress. Ugh.


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lunch break……

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