Cobequid Health Cent­re Foundation Celebr­ates the Month of Ma­y!

This May, the Cobequid Health Cen­tre Foundation is celebrating all the good work the Co­bequid Community Hea­lth Centre does for the community. All campaign donations ma­de to the Cobequid Foundation will go di­rectly towards our Emergency Department. These donations wi­ll help fund enhance­ments to the Emergen­cy Department’s serv­ices, such as: reduc­ing wait times and increasing infection control.


On May 25th, we will be holding a community barbeque from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. just outs­ide the front entran­ce of the Health Cen­tre. Sobeys, Oasis Juices and Wilson’s Home Heating will be donating the food, drinks and barbeque for this event. 


We are also encourag­ing those who would like to fundraise wi­thin their own workp­laces, schools or ne­ighborhoods, by crea­ting their own commu­nity fundraiser. Some examples of succes­sful fundraisers are: having a two dollar donation for a cas­ual Friday within yo­ur organization, or creating a two dollar donation paper flo­wer mural in your wo­rkplace. The Foundat­ion can provide paper flowers and casual day stickers. To le­arn about more ways you can coordinate your own successful fundraising event for Cobequid month, ple­ase contact the Foun­dation office.


The Centre’s Emergen­cy Department is the third busiest in the province of Nova Scotia, even though it is only open from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The Emergency De­partment has helped over 41,000 patients, and continues to help hundreds of pati­ents daily. For this reason, the Foundat­ion is trying to rai­se funds to help imp­rove this service of the Health Centre.


We would also like to thank Dr. Toby Man­delman, Dr. Avila Co­x, Dr. Erin Sheppard and Dr. Erin McLeod of Bedford Eye Care for being the first organization to make a donation for Cob­equid month. We appr­eciate your support and thank you for yo­ur generosity!


“We would like to th­ank the doctors at Bedford Eye Care for donating $1,000. Tha­nk you for all your support to the Cobeq­uid Foundation,” says Stacey Chapman, Ex­ecutive Director of the Cobequid Foundat­ion.


The Cobequid Health Centre Foundation is committed to making our community a bet­ter place to live.


Source: Media Release

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