Coco Love Alcorn and Ian Sherwood house concert in Chester Basin

As I write this there is Bhangra music in the background on an old episode of Entourage, which reminds me that I love so many kinds of music.  And so does my new favorite artist, Coco Love Alcorn.


In fact, I heard her mention Erika Bahdu, Beck, and Bjork during her house concert in Chester Basin last night.


I could have gone to see her this Sunday at the Carleton, but thought the hour plus drive to Russell’s house would be a nice change of pace.  I was very late and very lost but it was worth all that.  Thanks for the awesome hospitality Russell.


“Givin’ props to the nouns and verbs you love – ’cause that’s what your smiles are made of” – these lines from a song on Coco’s latest album reveal a lot about her style.  As a lyricist Coco is sometimes lighthearted and sometimes heavy, but always clever.


With her impressive vocal range she entertained us with stories of love, bicycle adventures, and songs of revolution.  She is as cheeky as Blossom Dearie one moment, deep and sultry in the next.   She even raps!


Coco’s cousin Lindsay, who resides here in Nova Scotia, added some sweet backup vocals and harmonies to many of the songs.  And super adorable, 20 year old jazz drummer, Alejandro, came all the way from Chile to perform with Coco.  It was Alejandro’s first trip to Nova Scotia.  He’s having a great time and we’re thrilled to have him here.


So if you add a guitar and trumpet to the mix, you are just starting to get an idea of what to expect from the fabulously talented Coco Love Alcorn.


She is the perfect counterpart to her current touring partner, Ian Sherwood, who plays guitar and saxophone in addition to being a fantastic singer/songwriter.  Someone was cooking with fire on that pairing, wow.


Coco sang with Ian…Ian sang with Coco…there was lots of bebop, scat, horns, and improvisation…very fun.


I am a great fan of Ian’s and in fact have seen him play four times in the past four months.  And it just keeps getting better.  Add a little jazz, a little folk, and a lot of laughs to Ian’s good nature and melodious voice and you get an idea of what to expect in his performance.  Staying versatile as always Ian even previewed a new song that was clap your hands, sing out loud, gospel…yes sir.   He’s also been known to sing about sad goats…drop him a line about that one…or ask him about it when you go see him for yourself.  It’s quite a story.


I picked up a copy of Coco’s latest album, Joyful, and got the whole crew to sign it since I may never see them all perform together again. Checked it out on the way home, and it does not disappoint.  They did a great job of capturing the energy you expect after taking in the live performance.


I really love house concerts.  They are always very unique experiences.  You get to know the performers as well as the people in the audience.  And you never know who will be there.  Sometimes very famous people check out these shows when they are in town, as happened last night in fact.   In music we can all be connected.


As I was leaving, our host was singing along to a jam in his living room.  You’re right Coco, there’s nothin’ wrong with being happy.

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