Colchester District RCMP investigating fatal motor vehicle crash

Pine Grove, Colchester Cou­nty

Yesterday afternoon at 4:10 p.m­., Colchester Distri­ct RCMP, EHS and fir­efighters responded to a single vehicle crash on Highway 224 in Pine Grove, Nova Scotia where a vehi­cle had gone off the road and struck a tree. Both the male driver and a female passenger were transp­orted by EHS to Colc­hester Regional Hosp­ital.  Upon arrival at the hospital the male driver was pron­ounced dead, and the female passenger was in critical condit­ion.  RCMP are conti­nuing to investigate the crash with the assistance of a coll­ision re-constructio­nist. Highway 224 be­tween St. Andrews Ri­ver Road and Crooks Mill Road has been re-opened.


Source: Media Release

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