Cold Brew Ice Cream Float

Want to acheive cold brew coffee greatness? Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to your brew. Seriously it will change your life. 

If you didn’t catch our previous recipe for cold brew you’re going to want to click here, and check out the SUPER easy instructions to make this super smooth coffee concentrate.
So once you get that down pat go ahead and plunk a nice size scoop (or two) of ice cream into your concentrate, and gift it a stir, and that’s it.  
Now you might be thinking… why ice cream why not just use milk? Well let me tell you.
Ice Cream. 
That’s why! 
The ice cream creates a really nice texture, and it sweetness goes really well the smooth (non-bitter) flavor of the cold brew.
If you’re lactose intolerant or you just don’t eat animals (the universe thanks you) you know what to do! You can always use a coconut or soy milk ice cream! No biggie it’ll still be amaze balls (trust me).
And if you’re already nose deep into your pumpkin spiced lattes (today is officially the first day of Fall, so technically I can no longer judge) you could mix up a homemade pumpkin spice to toss in here too (I mean if you HAVE to), and top it with whip cream.l I for one do not see the need to get rid of ice coffee or cold brew coffee because it’s suddenly “sweater weather”. I happen to really like it, and we don’t stop drinking water because it’s Winter lol! I’m voting for cold brew to stick around just a little while longer. 
Who’s with me?

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