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Colour Pop Lippie To Go set

After a small disappointment with Colour Pop Ultra Matte To Go sets, I am happy to say the Lippie To Go set in Trippin is better, with 5 dual-ended Lippie Stix – Lippie pencil minis.

No weight indication on the tubes so I can’t comment on the price ($20, I paid $16), but I included a size comparison with the Ultra Matte To Go sets yesterday (linked above).

My gut tells me each end would probably also be around a third (or less) of the full size of 0.04oz, reg. $5, but I like the fact that each end can be worn alone or paired with others in the set.

So among Bound, Tootsi, Scandy, Bossy and Flawless, we have endless combinations. Lippie Stix formula contains Vitamin E, mango, avocado and shea butter for added comfort and moisture, while Lippie pencils are supposed to be long wearing, glide on easily, act as a barrier for lipsticks and prevent feathering but like I said, also perfect on their own.

Let’s see the swatches, with the Lippie Stix first, then the Lippie pencil in each pair.

Bound (described as a glossy light nude pink) is the only case where the 2 ends don’t match, colour wise, but the mauve liner makes the pale baby pink more wearable on me.

Tootsi (matte cool-toned greige) is a well known nude. Scandy (satin cool toned neon pink) is as bright as it looks, with Bossy (matte classic blue red) as its red partner.

Flawless (satin deep red violet), though not as dark as the indication on the tube packaging above, is very lovely on, my favorite in the set.

I cannot tell a big difference between the 3 finishes but Colour Pop says the glossy finish has medium full coverage and more moisturizing, and the satin and mattes are full coverage and more long wearing. On me, most colours wear through lunch with minimal fading/ transfer.

I would say this set is worth the money and you have a bunch of colours to travel with. There is another set now on the site called Stellar with Button, Brink, Brunch, Frenchie and Dalia.

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