Community kids group in Greystone sets up haunted house

I got a call today from Angela Phillips, who runs Healthy Kidz, an after-school program in the Greystone neighbourhood. She wanted to invite me to a haunted house in the Greystone neighbourhood.

Over 100 people showed up last year – this is a real community effort. They have to put a sign on the front lawn of the rec centre to let people know this MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL CHILDREN.

I was a little blase about this haunted house thing until Angela told me that volunteers are coming to dress up as zombies. And then I started to think….Oh my god, this sounds bad! They’re taking this really seriously! Angela told me that this is Haunted Corn Maze calibre scary, and this makes me nervous, because I’m normally a big chicken about having things jump out at me.

But I’ll go anyway and take some pictures, because it sounds like a good time. From the things they say about Greystone, this area is scary on its own. I’ve met people who are scared to even go up into that area. They think they’re going to get shot if they do. I’ve been there, and I’m still willing to go back.

Mind you, we’ll see about that after Friday night.

Want to go? Here’s the invite.

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