Community – Seven Expulsions and a Funeral

Community – Seven Expulsions and a Funeral Despite never having been a big Chang fan on Community, I really liked last night’s episode. There were a lot of moments that made me laugh, I loved the callbacks to the various timelines, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for our Greendale Seven now that they’ve been kicked out of the crappiest community college in the land.

It began with the group coping over the death of Starburns, and just how sad they should be. (We now know that the actor who played Starburns was not an actor, but a writer, and he asked to be written out of the show.)

But pretty soon, the gang got some even more terrible news – Omar had quit his gig as professor, which meant everyone would be getting an Incomplete in Remedial Biology, and would therefore have to take it over again in the summer.

This is what brought Jeff to tears rather than the death of a classmate, but really, wouldn’t we all kind of react that way? Jeff is a bad person, but I think everyone, if they’re being honest, would admit they’d be much angrier about such an injustice that affects them personally than about the death of someone they barely knew and certainly didn’t like.

So a memorial for Starburns turned into a student protest, and when Chang and his army of tween boys arrived that got ramped up into a full-on riot. The study group was blamed, unless they and the dean could pic the violence and vandalism on Chang.

When Chang caught wind of the plan, he took the dean out with a tranq gun and replaced him with a lookalike. With no one to back them up at a hearing, the “Greendale Seven” were expelled.

They ended up at Troy, Abed and Annie’s kitchen table, referencing the timelines that only Abed understands and wondering what they’ll do next. Is this the darkest scenario? Or is it OK because they’re still all together? I imagine they’ll find a way to get back into Greendale, and even though what I’ve read suggests there’ll be more Chang, I have no doubt that it will be hilarious.

Favorite Quotes & Moments:

  • “How one-armed was he?” “Here? Here? Here? Here?!” “It was the other arm.”
  • “If we rub that, will he come out and do celebrity impressions?” – Troy, regarding Starburns’ urn.
  • Dean singing “Come on, Eileen” while doing menial tasks.
  • The jokes about Britta being a terrible grief counselor, and not a real psychiatrist, were on fire this week.
  • “Greendale has warped me like a Barbie in a microwave!” – Annie
  • Starburns was a drug dealer, which is bad… but he was also an entrepreneur. This was a good episode for Shirley.
  • Britta knows she’s the worst.
  • “I was gonna be the first person in my family to graduate from community college. Everyone else graduated from normal college. Now they’re really going to make fun of me.” – Troy
  • “There are other timelines?” – Pizza delivery guy

Community – Seven Expulsions and a Funeral Community – Seven Expulsions and a Funeral Community – Seven Expulsions and a Funeral


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