Confessions of a Shoe-a-Holic!

Oh yes bloggies this is the post you’ve all been waiting for!   As you know, over the past 2 years I’ve become quite the shoe whore. Not sure how it happened really.  Think it leads back to me learning to walk properly in heels for my wedding which then led to me realizing that I could wear all kinds of cute shoes. 

I’ve built up my little collection with lots of cheapies from second hands stores, Spring and Payless, along with a few quality purchases that I just couldn’t resist. :-p  Boxing day has become my annual shoe shopping day.

Anyway, I got the idea of posting my collection from the weekly “Shoe Porn Monday” over at Fashionable People, Questionable Things. Love the idea and always make sure to go and drool check out everyone’s great shoes. 🙂


Carlos Falchi
(The Shoe Company)  Basic black leather and modest heels. These were my first pair of dressy boots and I got them on sale for $75!
Delicious (Globo Shoes)  Low heeled, black pointed toe pumps.  They go with everything.
Guess (The Shoe Company) I fell in love with these this past boxing day. Black patent leather peep toes w/ a beautiful gold buckle, who could resist?!


Predictions (Payless)  These were my first pair of basic patent leather (okay, faux patent leather) heels.  I bought them to wear to a funeral and they’ve seen lots of mileage.
Spring  My Mom gave me these for Christmas a few years ago and I love them! They make me feel sexy every single time I wear ‘em. (Even if the pointy toes pinch my feet.) Every girls needs a pair of red high heels!
Spring  I got these at Spring’s online clearance sale for $10-$15.  They have a really cute cross buckle and deceptively high heels.  I always feel trendy in them, hehe.  Not too comfy though.
Predictions (Payless)  These were my first pair of heels besides my prom shoes. I bought them to practice in so that I wouldn’t look like a dork in heel on my wedding day.  They’re a cute tweed like fabric with peep toes and a low heel.
Colorful Creations (The Shoe Company) My wedding shoes!  White strappy satin with rhinestones on the top strap.  They were comfy and fancy all in one.
Predictions (Payless) At the moment the only pair of flats that I own. Got them BOGO 1/2 when hubby picked up a new pair of shoes.  They’re my Friday shoes. 
Spring (Spring Shoes – Value Village find.) I spotted these and thought they were really retro-y cute with the little bows and slim heel.  Another pair that I wear all the time.
Spring  It was love at first sight.  I needed to find something to go with a chocolate brown dress for my friend’s wedding and these were the first and only pair I tried on.  They’re really strappy with gold & copper, a sparkly buckle (that gave me a blister) with a solid gold heel. I wish I had more things to wear ‘em with.
Liz Claiborne (Winners) It took me FOREVER to find a pair of silver heels for another friend’s wedding. Sadly, I paid $$$ for these sequined shoes and I will probably never wear them again.  I found it hard to walk in them with the open back and over all don’t care for the look. Basically, I took what I could find.
BCBGirls (Town Shoes) The highest and most fabulous heels that I own. I love the double buckle peep toe. To-date I’ve only worn these once and they weren’t that hard to walk in once I got used to them.
Pandemonium (Winners – Value Village find.) Sexy black sandals with long straps that wrap up past the ankle. 
George (Walmart) – Black & White T-Strap Heels. These were on the clearance rack for $5!  I wore them all the time last summer, comfy and so “me.”
Aldo – White leather work wedges. Passed down from another shoe-lover and perfect with several of my sun dresses.
JLo (Town Shoes) – Chocolate brown with olive trim.  Very masculine style but with cute bows.  Really like the shoes but have only worn them a handful of times. 
Spring – Simple dark brown faux snakeskin heels. 
Naturalizer – another pair passed down to me.  Very comfy sturdy, low grey heels.  I bought my first “new” car wearing these.
Predictions (Payless) B&W plaid style peep-toes.  Another favourite of mine.
Montego Bay Club (Payless) Okay, apparently I lied.  I own 2 pairs of flats.  These are a great pair of cool strappy sandals.
Predictions (Payless)  Another pair of basic black pumps with bows.  These have thicker heels and are great for walking around all day in. As you can see, well worn.
Predictions (Payless) – Ah, the leopard print sling backs.  I originally bought these to wear at my wedding. I thought it would be cute under my formal white dress but then thought again.  They’ve seen a few bars but don’t get much use.
Nine West (Value Village find.)  These shoes look really light but are more of a darker silver/black blend.  They make my boring dress pants/sweater combos a little fun!
Spring Another online clearance find.  Royal purple platform t-straps.  I’ve seen tons of people wearing them around AND they’re one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes that I own.
Fioni (Payless) More cute B&W’s with a sturdy heel.
Bisou Bisou Collection ( JC Penney – Value Village find.) Red suede/leather low heels. Great with jeans
Highlights (Payless) – My business shoes.  Wearing them makes me feel important. LOL
American Eagle (Payless) – black round toe Mary Janes.  I wore these babies out!  The heel is low so they made for great work shoes

































PS.  I didn’t bother with my sneakers, flip flops or snow boots, they don’t really count! :-p

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