Contest kookiness

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The surf gods blessed The Reef at Lawrencetown Beach with perfect weather and wave conditions for the first annual Back to the Beach Community Surfing Contest on Sunday.

The team division in the family-fun event featured some buffoonery from the likes of the hula-dancing High Tiders (pictured).

The division was won by a trio of surfers called Team Tennis, who were dressed John McEnroe/Bjorn Borg-style and carried old school wooden rackets.

Other teams in the division included the speedo-clad Lifeguards, who finished second, the peace-loving Hippy Hos, and surfing royalty, The Kings.

In the individual division, surfers were required to use funky surfboards they had never ridden before. A surf punk with a spiked Mohawk (Myles Baldwin) was the eventually winner.

The event, organized by the Surfing Association of Nova Scotia (SANS), drew a good crowd of curious onlookers as well as embarrassed friends and family members.

KISS descending on the crowd playing Deuce - photo by Jason Goodwin

KISS on the commons

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