cool “must have” accessory!

I was at a party last weekend and the host had one of these…a cool bar cocktail table.

It’s a side table and cooler all in one. And it’s perfect for outdoor entertaining!

The Cool Bar is a tasteful accessory to any summer party. This petite piece of furniture serves as a side table but also doubles as a cooler to keep your drinks cool on those hot summer days.

When the night rolls in and you want to add a touch of class to the evening, just raise the top and you have a cute cocktail table to gather around and chat the night away.

Easy to assemble and easy to clean, the Cool Bar is a must have for any party.


• Doubles as a side table or cocktail table
• Easy to assemble
• Ice compartment to keep drinks cool
• Easy to clean with hose or damp cloth
• Beige and brown to match patio sets and wicker
• Treated for outdoor use

Oh yeah…and it came from Costco. The online price is listed as $79.99, but I have it on good authority that it’s more like $50 in the store. Five star review.

Go immediately to pick one up. They sold out last year…fast!

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